The Flank Record-Email from Bill Kurth
  1. This is an old C23 + mailing list and contains many, but probably not all participants of the recent GLL-CAS workshop. I encourage you to forward this to any team members you think may be interested but not included herein.
  2. Attached are three files meant to summarize the work of the workshop subgroup identifying the regions through which Cassini traversed during it's long traverse down the dusk flank of the Jovian magnetosphere. The first two files are Acrobat PDF files showing

    (a) the magnetopause and bow shocks observed, and
    (b) (PDF) intervals when Cassini was in the magnetosphere (yellow) and magnetosheath (red).

    The third file is the Excel spreadsheet we generated during our deliberations. Of course, I'm willing to correct/update this based on your input. However, I'd like to ask that you be fairly explicit and detailed in any additions/corrections you propose as it will be a fairly difficult version-control exercise if you simply return a modified spreadsheet with no indications of what you changed.