CAPS Monthly Meetings
The goal of this page is to keep the agenda and connection information for the CAPS monthly team meetings. Any supporting information will also be sent via email, but this will be the main repository for monthly meeitings.
Meeting Date & Time: Aug 9, 2002   10:00am EDT
Call in Number & Passcode: (734) 615-6805; 4177
Agenda: 1. Status of investigation into SAM performance (Frank, Ed)
2. Resolution of actuator problem
3. Cruise & science planning updates
4. CAPS Ground system status
5. Status of Cassini budget negotiations
6. Answer the following questions for Karoly:
a.) whether we can use the IMS ION_0 channel data in publication, or it is better not to use it for a while.
This point is important, becase Karoly cannot finish to rewrite the JGR paper without a concensus in this matter. (Would like Dave's opinion).
b.) During the last team meeting we have agreed to circulate the strategy for IBS observations. When is the strategy expected?
c.) I (Karoly) am also confused a bit about the IBS gain. During the team meeting Bruce made statements that the IBS gain was not set optimally; however, I have forgotten what is the impact of it on the data. Does it mean that the counts are lower?
Any Supporting Documents: Frank's plots of 16 kbps IMS data, figures 1 and 2, figure 3, figure 4, and figure 5. Similar plots from the 2001-128 16 kbps period.
Ed and Sarabjit's analysis of event mode data
Frank's notes on trajectory data, joint MIMI/CAPS team meetings and plans for IBS.
A plot of IBS and IMS data from day 12, 2001. This is the spectra Karoly noted with an IMS artifact causing an apparently bimodal distribution.
Meeting Date & Time: May 8, 2002   10:00am EDT
Call in Number & Passcode: (734) 615-6802; 1210
Agenda: 1) Status of Meeting with Bob Mitchell --- Dave Young
2) Science Planning Status --- Frank
3) New Telemetry Modes Progess --- Frank
4) Discussion about upcoming team meetings --- TEAM, Karoly, Bruce
Any Supporting Documents: Frank's Proposed Telemetry Modes (PDF)
Frank's Science Planning Status (PDF)
After Meeting Documents: Budget Letter & Plan (DOC)
Meeting Date & Time: April 3, 2002   10:00am EDT
Call in Number & Passcode: (734) 615-6805; 7655
Agenda: 1) Ray: Calibration
2) Bruce: Winter Team Meeting
3) Dave Y: WBS and budget exercise
4) Team: Current Action Item List
Any Supporting Documents: Budget Cover Letter --Dave (Word)
Proposed SOI Operations -- Frank (PDF)
After Meeting Documents: WebSite was built to contain all the WBS and Budget Work
Click the link for access
Meeting Date & Time: March 6, 2002   10:00am EST
Call in Number & Passcode: (734) 615-6805; 5211
Agenda: 1) Review action items that were generated at the team meeting
2) Cover flight software issues not discussed at the team meeting
   a) cover the presentation by Charles
   b) cover the presentation by Frank
Any Supporting Documents: Look at Web Site for presentations:
 Dave Young's Presentation: CAPS Status
 Charles Presentation: Flight Software Status
 Frank's Presentation: Proposed Changes to FSW for Tour
Click Here for Team Meeting #23 Presentations