Acronym List
AACS Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystem

CDA Cosmic Dust Analyzer
CDS Command and Data Subsystem
CIRS Composite Infrared Spectometer
C/O Check Out

Decon Decontamination
DSN Deep Space Network

E Earth Closest Approach Time
ECR Engineering Change Request

FPW Fields, Particles, and Waves
FSW Flight Software

HEF High-Efficiency DSN Station
HGA High-Gain Antenna

ISS Imaging Science Subsystem

L Launch

MAG Magnetometer
MIMI Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument
MRO Memory Read Out
MRR Mission Requirements Request

P/B Play-Back
PCO Probe Checkout
PEM Periodic Engineering Maintenance
PIM Periodic Instrument Maintenance

RADAR Cassini Radar Subsystem
RCS Reaction Control Subsystem
RPWS Radio and Plasma Wave Science
RSS Radio Science Subsystem
R/T Real-Time
RWA Reaction Wheel Assembly

SRU Stellar Reference Unit
SSR Solid State Recorder
SCAS Science Calibration Subsystem

TCA Time of Closest Approach
TCM Trajectory Correction Maneuver
TLM Telemetry

U/L Up-Link
USO Ultra Stable Oscillator
UVIS Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer

V2E Venus 2 and Earth
VIMS Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer

W Tungsten (Wolfram)