CAPS 2000 Activities for May 5 through November 5
This includes actvities as they occurred (C20 & C21) and as they are currently planned (C22).
2000-137T01:34 2000-140T01:50 Superior Conjunction   C20
2000-152T09:06 2000-152T16:36 FSW Upload to SSR   C20
2000-166T04:20 2000-167T04:20 TCM 14 CAPS Will Still Be Off C20
2000-169T15:20 2000-169T21:35 CAPS Actuator Testing(16kbps) No HV; 2kbps and 1kbps off track :
2000-170T04:20 2000-170T04:20 CAPS Reset to ROM Unexpected :
2000-190T06:02 2000-190T12:20 CAPS Power on IBS only & IBS CEM test 16kbps; 500bps off track :
2000-194T15:05 2000-194T23:22 CAPS detector calibration (cont.) 16kbps; 500bps off track C21
2000-197T05:35 2000-197T13:35 CAPS IMS detector calibration 16kbps; 500bps off track :
2000-200T11:55 2000-200T18:55 CAPS No Articulation USO Charact. and Boresights :
2000-200T18:55 2000-208T17:36 CAPS collect data 500bps and some 16kbps high rate :
2000-208T23:56 2000-209T00:00 Set Up for Quiet Test 2kbps :
2000-209T00:00 2000-209T00:15 CAPS NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T00:20 2000-209T00:54 CDA NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T00:40 2000-209T00:55 CIRS NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T01:00 2000-209T01:20 ISS NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T01:20 2000-209T01:35 MAG NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T01:40 2000-209T01:55 MIMI NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T02:00 2000-209T02:07 RPWS Sounder NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T02:08 2000-209T02:15 RPWS Langmuir Probe NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T02:20 2000-209T02:25 UVIS NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T02:30 2000-209T02:45 VIMS NOISY Noisy then Quiet :
2000-209T02:45 2000-209T02:55 CAPS reconfigure Normal Operation :
2000-209T13:35 2000-209T14:00 CAPS Power OFF Ready for PCO C21
2000-210T16:00 2000-210T20:00 PCO #6   :
2000-210T21:00 2000-245T00:00 CDS Flight software update   :
2000-255T00:00 2000-310T01:00 The C22 Seqence   C22
2000-257T23:10 2000-258T14:50 CAPS FSW Upload Version 3.2.1 :
2000-261T10:15 2000-261T21:50 CAPS Power On All 3 sensors :
2000-262T00:00 2000-262T08:30 Fomalhaut Observation 500bps & Actuating :
2000-263T05:40 2000-263T06:33 CAPS ELS Test Part 1 :
2000-264T12:50 2000-265T03:50 CIRS Telescope Release   :
2000-264T09:15 2000-264T10:05 CAPS ELS Test Part 2 :
2000-264T14:44 2000-264T15:10 CAPS No Articulation USO Charact and Boresight Cal :
2000-265T07:22 2000-265T07:57 CAPS ELS Test Part 3 :
2000-267T10:36 2000-267T10:51 CAPS Quiet RSS Quiet Test :
2000-267T11:56 2000-267T12:16 CAPS NOISY Noisy then Quiet (Cycle 1) :
2000-267T13:56 2000-267T14:16 CAPS NOISY Noisy then Quiet (Cycle 2) :
2000-267T15:47 2000-267T15:53 CAPS Normal Ops   :
2000-269T05:31 2000-269T11:17 CAPS No Actuation USO Charact & Boresight Cal :
2000-271T07:41 2000-271T16:47 CAPS No Articulation HGA Pattern Cal :
2000-272T11:06 2000-272T13:57 CAPS No Articulation RSS Test D :
2000-273T00:00 2000-273T18:12 RADAR Checkout   :
2000-274T22:12 2000-274T23:19 CAPS No Articulation KA Band Test :
2000-275T07:45 2000-310T05:30 Jupiter Template Period(PDF) JCA -90 to -55 days :
NOTE: The PDF document for the Jupiter Template Period is a PDF file that contains the pointing strategy for this period. CAPS will collect data during all periods. Our data rate will vary from 500bps to 2kbps. The Ion Selection is dependant upon the pointing. For the Ion Selection please click here.