CAPS General Operations Schedule
October 13th 1997 Cassini Launch
April 1998 Venus Flyby #1
December 1998 Instrument Checkout (25 days)
April 26-27, 1999 CAPS Team Meeting (RAL)
June 24, 1999 Venus Flyby #2
August 18, 1999 Earth Flyby
December 30, 2000 Jupiter Closeset Approach
June 2002 Begin CAPS Instrument Calibration with Operations
July 2005 Saturn Orbital Insertion (SOI)
June 2008 End of Cassini Mission
CAPS Activities by Sequence
JPL breaks Cruise science into sections/subphases to help planning run a bit smoother. Also, by breaking planning into smaller pieces, it is easier to think about the science and to plan the sequences.
Sequences C13 - C16 (March 15, 1999 - Nov. 7, 1999)
This subphase includes the Venus 2 swing-by, Earth swing-by, as well as a period when Cassini is pointed at earth.
Sequences C17 - C19 (Nov. 8, 1999 - May 7, 2000)
This subphase is called the HGA-Transition Subphase. During this time, the High Gain Antenna will be pointed towards earth. Also included during this phase will be a flight software load and check-out.
C20 - C22 Timelines (May 6, 2000 - October 5, 2000)
The name of this subphase is Instrument Checkout 2. During part of this subphase, the High Gain Antenna will be pointed towards earth. Pointing past this initial period has been assign according to a five day repeating template. This pointing was defined during Jupiter subphase planning. During this phase we will aslo be checking out our new flight software.