CAPS Team Meeting #20
Hosted by: Centre d'étude des Environnements Terrestre
et Planetaires Observatoire de St. Maur, France
April 10-11, 2000
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Monday, April 10
Cassini and CAPS project status Young
(including budget issues and discussion)
CAPS sensor and subsystem status:
Flight hardware and software Black
Operations and planning Furman
Ground data system Thomsen
IBS McComas
IMS McComas
CPU2 and SAM Sittler
European data center Blanc/Maurice
Status of other Co-I activities All
New telemetry modes Young
Final plans for ICO2 and solar wind observations Furman
Final plans for Jupiter observations Young/Furman
Titan flyby planning results Young/Bolton/Waite
Tuesday, April 11
Plans for analysis of ICO2 and Jupiter data All
Earth swingby--data quality, processing, plans Sittler/Thomsen
(SAM data, background events)
Earth swingby—AGU and the Leicester meeting All
MAG perspectives on the Earth swingby Dougherty
Measuring pickup ions Szego
Icy satellite planning Crary