Agenda page from Team Meeting #36

Agenda items included here were given at the CAPS team meeting held in Aberystwyth, Wales hosted by Raul Baragiola at Aberystwth University. The dates for this meeting were June 5-6, 2008.

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Agenda Items:

9:00 AM Thursday, June 5
Welcome and Local ArrangementsGrande
Project StatusYoung
Flight operations, software, ground system, archivalFurman
Science planning (current and extended mission)Crary
ELS statusLewis
IBS statusWilson
IMS MomentsWilson
Report on IMS calibration meetingShappirio (by Crary)
ELS penetrating background and their effect on 3-D momentsArridge
Science Discussion
T32: What we know and what we don'tSzego
Electron fluxes at TitanWellbrock (by Coates)
ISSI report and recent Titan observationsCoates
Hybrid modeling of Titan - towards detailed comparisons with IMSSillanpaa
Titan's Corona: Plasman Heating?Tucker (by Johnson)
Composition of Upstream Flow for Titan's Interaction with Saturn's magnetosphere during T9 flybySittler
CAPS observations during the Enceladus E3 encounterCrary
Fine structure of the Enceladus plume as observed by ELSJones
Clusters, attachment and charge exchange in the Enceladus plumeJohnson
New modeling results & data comparisons for Enceladus Paty
Negative ions at EnceladusCoates
Ring atmosphere and magnetospheric O2+ revisitedElrod (by Coates)
Plasma and Wave Activity close to the Ring Current.s Inner EdgeSantos Costa
Tail reconnection at SaturnJackman
A first look at the 2008 HST-Cassini ObservationsTalboys
CAPS observations of the cuspArridge
Periodicities in Saturn's magnetotailArridge
Modeling of the magnetopause with ELS and MIMI dataKanani
Plasma in the nightside magnetosphere and global circulationMcAndrews (by Coates)
Nitrogen sources in Saturn's magnetosphereSmith
Scale Size of Injection Structures in Saturn's Inner MagnetosphereHill (by Rymer)
Is Plasma Transport at Saturn Driven by the Centrifugal Interchange Instability?Rymer