Agenda page from Team Meeting #38

Agenda items included here were given at the CAPS team meeting held in Aberystwyth, Wales hosted by Raul Baragiola at Aberystwth University. The dates for this meeting were June 2-3, 2009.

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Agenda Items:

9:30 AM Tuesday, June 2
9:30 Welcome and local arrangements Andre
9:40 Project status Young
10:00 Flight operations, software, data archival Furman
10:30 Science planning (current, XM, XXM) Crary
11:00 ELS status Lewis
11:15 AM Coffee break
11:30 IBS status Thomsen
11:45 IMS status Thomsen
12:15 CAPS data products (status) Crary
12:30 CDPP/AMDA: planetary data exploitation and comparative studies Andre
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Science discussions
Talks are 20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion
Structure in the Titan Torus Region Goldstein
Plasma and ion composition properties at Titan Sittler
Global features of ion distributions near Titan Nemeth
Ion moments during T15 Silannpaa
Coffee Break
Escape from Titan and Enceladus Torus Elrod
Titan's exosphere, ionosphere and energetic particle environment Garnier
Classification of Titan’s magnetospheric environments Coates
Titan/Enceladus: Negative ions Coates
~6:00 PM - Adjourn
8:00 Team dinner (traditional “toulousain” restaurant in city center)
9:30 AM Wednesday, June 3

Science discussions continued

Talks are 20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion
Enceladus & icy satellites
Dust in Enceladus' plume Arridge
Cluster ions, trapped gases and sputtering Baragiola
Magnetoshperic O2 Elrod
Numerical ion moments and science Thomsen
Coffee Break
Corotating Regions: Magnetospheric structure and dynamics Andre
Electron-Ion moment data comparison Schippers
Electrons in Saturn's magnetotail Arridge
Long-Duration Magnetic Reconnection in Saturn's Magnetotail Thomsen / McAndrews
1:00 to 2:00 Lunch
Plasmasheet latitudinal extension Schippers
Mapping of the magnetospheric boundaries Schippers
Control Parameters for Plasma Dynamics Santos-Costa
Low and high latitude photoelectron observations Schippers
TOF mystery peaks Shappiro
IMS mass peak fits Shappiro

Next CAPS meeting: Carol Paty has offered to host the next CAPS Team meeting at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Projected date is some time in the Fall.