CAPS Team Meeting #45
Joint Meeting with INMS
Hosted by: Southwest Reseatch Institute: Hunter Waite
At: Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, October 29 - November 1, 2013
Meeting Agenda (PDF)
The 45th Meeting of the Cassini/CAPS team will be a joint meeting with INMS and will held at Southwest Research Institute in the conference room of Building 209. I will include a map shortly.
The current plan is to have 3 full days of joint science discussions and a 1/2 day of instrument specific discussion. CAPS instrument specific discussion will take place Friday morning (Nov 1), and INMS instrument specific discussions will take place prior to the CAPS meeting on Monday afternoon (October 28).
Map to the Temporary SwRI Main Entrance (Version 2) (PDF)
Also includes the location of the building where the team meeting will be held
Here you can find a list of hotels that are at or below per diem of $106/night. When reserving your room, let them know that you have business at SwRI and would like the SwRI rate. If any place gives you a hard time, let me know and the travel office here will have a "discussion" with the hotel about agreed to rates.....

Here is a larger list of hotels that you can use, but I don't know the rates per night (though there may be some overlap in the lists).

NOTE: Please don't put off finding a room, as there is another larger meeting being held the same week that may make finding hotels close by more difficult.
Current List of Attendees:
Jim Burch
Ray Goldstein
Meredith Elrod
Jerry Goldstein
Bob Tokar
Fran Bagenal
Frank Crary
Rob Wilson
Adam Woodson
Yaxue Dong
Tom Hill
Judy Furman
Michelle Thomsen
Prachet Mokashi
Bill Lewis
Hunter Waite
Andrew Coates
One Other MSSL attendee
Bob Johnson
Carl Schmidt
*Maybe an additional UVa student.will know soon
Roberto Livi
Ilkka Sillanpaa
Carol Paty
Joe Westlake
Todd Smith Dick Hartle (via WebEx at GSFC)
Alexander Lipatov (via WebEx at GSFC)
Adam Masters (via WebEx from Tokyo)
Karoly Szego (via WebEx from Hungary)
Nemeth Zolton (via WebEx from Hungary)
Geraint Jones (via WebEx at MSSL)
Chris Arridge (via WebEx at MSSL)
For those who will be unable to travel, Rebecca has set up WebEx so that you will be able to join in from your home institution. Details will be sent regarding connecting as we get closer to the meeting.