CAPS Team Meeting #23 Minutes
Presentations included in this list are from the CAPS-MIMI joint team meeting. This meeting was team meeting #23, hosted by the Jet Propulstion Laboratory. It was held at the Hyatt Regency, Lake Tahoe, Nevada from Monday to Thursday, February 18-21, 2002. There was 1 and 1/2 days of joint meetings with MIMI for science planning discussions. Presentations are also included for the joint meetings.

CAPS Team members: Meeting presentations and agenda are available on the secure site, at the Meetings page.

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CAPS Team Meeting Presentations:
Author Presentation Package
Dave Young CAPS Status
Andrew Coates MSSL Status
Dave Linder MSSL Status continued
Bruce Barraclough Los Alamos Status
Karoly Szego KFKI-RMKI Status
Charles Zinsmeyer Flight Software Status
Jari Vilppola IBS Simulation
Dave Gell Ground System Overview
Dave Gell Data Archive
Dave Gell Data Products Definitions
Ed Sittler GSFC Status
Ed Sittler GSFC Flight Software
Ed Sittler GSFC Command Generation
Ed Sittler GSFC IMS Calibration
Ed Sittler GSFC IMS Calibration - Part 2
Ed Sittler/David Simpson Vanilla Tutorial
Frank Crary New Telemetry Modes Rationale
Frank Crary Propose Telemetry Modes (as presented)
Frank Crary Proposed Changes to FSW for Tour
Frank Crary IBS editing mode example (as per proposed change)
Frank Crary Campaign To Objective Mapping (for ECARS)
Frank Crary Science Planning Info
Frank Crary Tour Revolutions 15-20
Frank Crary Science Plan Integration Deadlines
Frank Crary Rates for CAPS during 2004
Frank Crary Rates for CAPS during 2005
Frank Crary Rates for CAPS during 2006
Frank Crary Rates for CAPS during 2007
Frank Crary Rates for CAPS during 2008
Frank Crary Latest Tour Segmentation
Frank Crary Dione Aimpoint
Joint Meeting Presentations (in no specific order):
Author Presentation Package
Frank Crary(CAPS) Combined CAPS/MIMI Science
Barry Mauk(MIMI) Combined MIMI/CAPS Science
Brian Paczkowski(JPL) General Discussion about Science Planning
Bill Kurth(RPWS) RPWS Summary (a bit about the instrument)
Bill Kurth(RPWS) MAPS Science Planning Summary