CAPS Team Meeting #24 Agenda Page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held by KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics in Budapest, Hungary. The dates for this meeting were Thursday-Friday June 13-14, 2002.

CAPS Team members: Meeting presentations and agenda are available on the secure site, at the Meetings page.

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CAPS Team Meeting Agenda items:
Author Presentation Package
Dave Young CAPS Status
Andrew Coates MSSL Status
Dennis Chornay GSFC Status
Dennis Chornay GSFC Detailed Flight Software Status
Dennis Chornay GSFC Calibration Plan
Michelle Thomsen LANL Status
Bruce Barraclough IBS Operational Data Modes & Telemetry Products
Judy Furman Ground System & Flight Software Status
Judy Furman Operational Status
Judy Furman Attitude Strategy for Tour Sequences 9 & 10
Frank Crary SAM operational performance discussion
Frank Crary SAM operations plots
Frank Crary Background Data Issues
Ray Goldstein Calibration Analysis
Frank Crary Science Planning Issues & Status
Frank Crary Science Planning Downlinks
Frank Crary Tour Data Product Proposed Modes
Frank Crary Tour Data Products Summary of Allocated Bits
Abi Rymer Science Talk - "Cassini Observations of the Jovian Bow Shock"
Karoly Szego Science Talk - "Cassini Plasma Spectrometer measurements of Jovian bow shock structure"
Karoly Szego Solar Wind Poster