CAPS Team Meeting #26 Agenda page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held by Stefano Livi of the MIMI team in Florence, Italy. The dates for this meeting were Wednesday-Friday May 14-16, 2003.

CAPS Team members: Meeting presentations and agenda are available on the secure site, at the Meetings page.

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CAPS Team Meeting Agenda Items:
Author Presentation Package
Dave Young Project status
Judy Furman CAPS flight status, operations, and flight software
Judy Furman Ground system
Judy Furman Data archival
Frank Crary MAPS/CAPS key parameters
Judy Furman Web site status (nothing new to report)
Michelle Thomsen/Bruce BarracloughIBS: status and calibration
Dave Linder ELS: status and calibration
Frank Crary IMS - overview
Ed Sittler SAM/CPU2 flight software
Ray Goldstein IMS calibration introduction & issues
Dave Young IMS foil calibrations
Ed Sittler IMS calibration at GSFC -- UPDATED 3 Jun '03
Frank Crary Science planning (status, topic leaders, ECARS, etc.)
Karoly Szego Foot region of Jovian bow shock
Dave McComas Pick-up ion depletions at 6-8 AU
Tom Hill Pick-up ion distributions at Saturn
Bob Johnson Sputtering work at U. Virginia
Andrew Coates ELS recent results
Date and place of next meeting (SwRI - this Fall?)
CAPS/MIMI Joint Meeting Presentations (ALL TBD)
Author Presentation Package
Hamilton Jovian pick-up ions.
McComas Interstellar ion pickup.
Hill Ion pickup and transport at Saturn.
Krupp Electron distributions in/outside of Jupiter's magnetosphere and bow shock.
Coates Penetrating electrons at Jupiter.
Kurth Jupiter Boundaries observed by Cassini.
Szego Waves at Titan.
Johnson & Jurac Neutral sources at Saturn.
Mauk (Krimigis) Deconvolution of ENA image of Jupiter and Europa neutral ring.
Santos-Costa (M. Blanc)Modelling radiation belts at Saturn.
Sittler Energetic nitrogen in the inner magnetosphere.
Mitchell ENA images of Jupiter.
Mitchell Comparison of SW velocity between MIMI and CAPS.
Crary Auroa Discussion
Krimigis Possible Voyager 1 crossing of heliosphere termination shock.