CAPS Team Meeting #27 Agenda Page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held in Bandera Texas at the Mayan Dude Ranch in conjunction with the INMS team. The dates for this meeting were Wednesday-Friday February 4-6, 2004.

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CAPS/INMS Team Meeting Agenda Items:
WEDNESDAY, February 4:
Welcome, local arrangements, AGENDA Young
Project status Young
CAPS flight operations Furman
Flight software Zinsmeyer/Furman
Ground system Zinsmeyer/Furman
Ground system demo Dornbusch
Data archival Furman
IBS Barraclough
ELS Linder
IMS overview Crary
IMS data reduction algorithm effort Reisenfeld
IMS calibration at GSFC Sittler
IMS FM calibration Goldstein
IMS ray tracing/TOF libraryReisenfeld
IMS simulations Barragiola
Calibration discussions All
THURSDAY, February 5:
Science implementation and ECARS Crary
ECARS demonstration Farris
Science plans & discussions Science team leads
Science Team and Topic Leaders
  • Saturn (Crary)
    • Ionosphere (Crary),Aurora (Crary), SKR (Bolton)
  • Magnetosphere (Hill)
    • Boundaries & Structure (Steinberg), Microphysics (Thomsen), Dynamics (Thomsen), Survey (Berthelier)
  • Titan (Coates)
    • Composition (Young), Response of Magnetosphere (Sittler), Structure of Interaction Region (Reisenfeld), Energy input* (Cravens)
  • Icy Satellites (Sittler)
    • Composition (Johnson), Response of Magnetosphere (Crary), Structure of Interaction Region (Coates)
  • Rings (Reisenfeld)
    • Compositon (Johnson), Ring/magnetosphere interaction (Coates), Ring/ionosphere interaction (Coates)
Date and place of next meeting All
Joint CAPS/INMS Team Meeting & Science presentations
    - Jovian bow shock and implications for Saturn Szego
    - Solar Wind and Saturnís Aurora Crary
    - Latest results from ELS Coates
    - Energetic N+ ions w/in Saturnís inner Mísphere Sittler
    - Titanís Magnetospheric interaction Luhmann
    - Titan aeronomy Yelle
    - Superthermal electrons in Titan ionosphere Cravens
FRIDAY, February 6:
    - Pickup ions in Saturnís Magnetosphere Crary
    - Titanís Neutral Torus Smith
    - Sputtering of Titanís Atmosphere Johnson
    - Titanís interaction with Saturnís magnetosphere Sittler
Individual Team discussions---continued
Summary of science discussions: CAPS Hill
Science discussions: INMS Yelle/Cravens
Titan joint science discussion & operations plans Waite/Fletcher/Crary
    (Ta, T5, T17, T9, Enceladus 61)
Possible Titan/satellite collaborations with Crary/Waite
    other MAPS/ORS investigations
Summary, action items, future plans Young/Waite

Date and place of next meeting (France, early/mid July 2004)