CAPS Team Meeting #28 Agenda Page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held in Marseille France, hosted by Michel Blanc. The dates for this meeting were Monday-Wednesday July 26-28, 2004.

CAPS Team members: Meeting presentations and agenda are available on the secure site, at the Meetings page.

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CAPS Team Meeting Agenda Items:
MONDAY, July 26:
Welcome, local arrangements, AGENDA Blanc
Project status Young
CAPS flight operations Furman
Flight software Furman
Ground system Furman
Data archival Furman
Science planning/Summary of Aug-Dec 2004 operations Crary
Cassini Observation Naming Convention Guide Crary
IMS, IBS, Cal, & Saturn Science LANL Team
ELS status Linder/Gilbert/Lewis
ELS status - Bjorn Narheim
IMS overview Crary
IMS-GSFC Sittler
Calibration discussions All
GSFC Analysis of Ion Data Sittler
TUESDAY, July 27:
ELS Overview Coates
Electrons Over Saturn's main rings McAndrews
Bow Shock and plasma sheath electrons Rymer
Nature paper summary Crary
Saturn's magnetosphere as seen by Cassini and Voyager Sittler
Possible crossing of Titan's flux tube Hill
Titan Models Michael
Comparison between radiation model and CAPS data Bolton
MAPS key parameters & browse data Maurice/Pallier
Data and science discussions All
Wednesday, July 28:
Data and science discussions continued All
Action Item List Young/All
Date and place of next meeting (San Fransisco, December 8-9, 2004)
  Dec. 10-11, possible MAPS follow on meeting.