CAPS Team Meeting #29 Agenda Page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held in San Francisco, hosted by Scott Bolton. The dates for this meeting were Wednesday-Friday, December 8-10, 2004.

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CAPS Team Meeting Presentations:
Wednesday, December 8:
Welcome, local arrangements, AGENDA Bolton/Young
CAPS Status - Part 1
Project status Young
CAPS flight operations Furman
Flight software Furman
Ground system and Data Archival Furman
pdf">Science planning and Operations Crary
IBS status AND data analysis Thomsen/Barraclough
Science Discussions: MAGNETOSPHERE-I
Initial Cassini Plasma Observations at Saturn Crary
Evidence for Alfven Wave Plasma Heating in the Middle M'sphere of Saturn Burch
Interchange Injection and Drift Dispersion of Hot Plasma in Saturn's M'sphere Hill
Saturn's Inner Plasma Sheet as Observed by Cassini: Comparison with Voyager Sittler
Cassini Untraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Initial Observations of Saturn Pryor/Crary
Saturn's Magnetosphere During Cassini's Approach and Inital Orbit Hansen/Crary
Transport in Saturn's Outer Magnetoshpere: Cassini Observations Thomsen
The Production and Redistribution of Oxygen in Saturn's Magnetosphere Johnson
Thursday, December 9:
CAPS Status - Part 2
ELS status Coates
IMS-Overview & performance Crary
IMS-Performance Reisenfeld
IMS-Calibration Sittler/Shappirio
IMS-Calibration Goldstein
IMS-Data Analysis Thomsen
IMS-Simulation of rings crossings at 6kV Baragiola
Science Discussions: RINGS
Cassini Observations of Co-rotating Heavy Ions Near Saturn's Rings Tokar
Plasma Near Saturn's Rings: CAPS observations Coates
Science Discussions: MAGNETOSPHERE-II
Nitrogen in Saturn's Magnetosphere Smith
Magnetic Fields Andre
Science Discussions: SOLAR WIND, SHOCK, and SHEATH
Initial results from the Cassini/CAPS instruments at the Magnetopause of Saturn McAndrews
Plasma transistion across the bow shock at Saturn: Initial results from CAPS Rymer
Solar wind modelling of Cassini-approach observations Lee/Crary
Saturn's UV aurora imaged with HST during the Cassini approach to Saturn Clarke/Crary
Saturn's shock Szego/Bebesi
Friday, December 10:
Science Discussions: TITAN
Cassini's first distant and close encounters with Titan: Initial Analysis CAPS Coates
   Summaries from Titan Coates
Preliminary interpretation of Titan plasma: Comparisons with Voyager 1 Hartle/Sittler
The Titan torus and related issues Szego
Titan density and temperature estimates Steinberg
The nature of the plasma density enhancements near Titan Eviatar/Goldstein
Plasma measurements in Titan's ionosphere: Inital Cassini/CAPS Results Young