CAPS Team Meeting #30 Agenda Page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held in London, England at the Goodenough Club, hosted by Andrew Coats & MSSL. The dates for this meeting were Wednesday-Friday, April 20-22, 2005.

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CAPS Team Meeting Presentations:
Wednesday, April 20:
Welcome, local arrangements, AGENDA Coates/Young
CAPS Status - Part 1
Project status Young
Flight operations, flight anomalies, flight software, ground system, archival Crary
General data analysis issues All
Science planning and Operations (incl. extended mission) Crary
CAPS proposed Titan Extended Mission Crary
CAPS Status - Part 2
IBS status Barraclough
ELS Status Linder
IMS-Overview & Performance Crary
IMS-Calibration Goldstein/Shappirio
IMS-Calibration Reisenfeld
IMS-Data anlaysis (incl. moments discussion) Thomsen
IMS-Data anlaysis (incl. simulations) Reisenfeld
IMS-Data anlaysis (incl. moments discussion) Sittler
IMS-Future Operations All
Thursday, April 21: Discuss Jointly with MAG Team
Low frequency upstream waves Bertucci
Structure of the foreshock Bertucci
Mirror mode waves in the lower magnetosheath Bertucci
Plasma depletion layer near the magnetopause Arridge
Physical properties of the plasma sheet Arridge
Diamagnetic cavities Arridge
Injections/cavities in outer magnetosphere Rymer
Injection event statistics Crary
Electron populations: Comparison of Saturn and Earth Rymer
Waves during Enceladus flybys Bertucci
Signatures related to water-group ions within the magnetosphere Bertucci
Electron signatures at icy satellites McAndrews
INMS Ta/T5 perliminary observations Mueller-Wordag
Titan magnetic tail boundary Bertucci
Comparisons of Titan observations: Ta, Tb, T3, T4, T5 Coates
Friday, April 22: Science Discussion continued
Thermal plasma observations/modeling near the main rings Tokar
Oxygen & Nitrogen at the icy satellites Baragiola
Ring ionosphere Bouhram
Ring electrons Coates
Magnetosphere global structure Thomsen
Work on Enceladus TOF data Goldstein
The nitrogen story continued Smith
Inner magnetosphere moments Sittler
Titan velocity distributions Szego
IMS Splinter meeting
Date and place of next meeting (Missoula, Montana, September 21-23, 2005)
See Team Meeting 31