CAPS Team Meeting #32 Agenda Page
Presentations included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held in Budapest, Hungary at KFKI, hosted by Karoly Szego. The dates for this meeting were Monday-Wednesday, April 10-12, 2006.

CAPS Team members: Meeting presentations and agenda are available on the secure site, at the Meetings page.

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CAPS Team Meeting Presentations:
Monday, April 10
Welcome, local arrangements, AGENDA Szego/Young
Project Status Young
Flight Operations, Ground System, Archival Mokashi
Science Planning, Extended Mission and Operations Crary
IBS status Thomsen
ELS Status Lewis
IMS Status Crary
pdf">IMS - Report on GSFC meeting Shappirio
Science discussions
Integrated Analysis of CAPS and MIMI Data Vandergiff/Rymer
Analysis of Intercalibrated Electron Observations in Saturnís Inner Magnetosphere Schippers
Current Systems Associated with Local Plasma Injections in Saturn's Magnetosphere Burch
Plasma Structure During the 26 December 2005 Titan (T9) Encounter: Electron Results Coates
Team Dinner at Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Tuesday, April 11
Analysis of the T9 Encounter --email if talk is needed Szego
Ion Flows and Composition in Titanís Wake: Ion Measurements from the December 26 Cassini Encounter Crary
Short Large Amplitude Magnetic Structures (SLAMS) Observed at the Quasi-parallel Bow Shock Transitions of Saturn Bebesi
A Comprehensive Multi-instrumental Analysis of Electron Plasma Observations Lewis/Andre
Reconnection and Boundary Layer Formation at Saturnís Magnetopause McAndrews/Thomsen
Cassini CAPS Electron Plasma Observations of Global-scale Oscillations of the Saturnian Magnetosphere Andre/McAndrews
Ion Composition in the Outer Magnetosphere and in the Foreshock Region Thomsen
Ice Physics on Enceladus Baragiola
Understanding the Escape of Water from Enceladus Burger
Enceladus Torus and Mass Loading by Charge Exchange Johnson
Results Near the Orbit of Enceladus Tokar/Johnson
Magnetospheric Nitrogen: Data Analysis and Modeling Update Smith
First Attempt for Comparing Simulation Results with CAPS / LEMMS Data* Santos-Costa
Wednesday, April 12
IMS discussions: Closeout of actions from the GSFC meeting
Calibration Work Shappirio
Some IMS Efficiency Calculations Goldstein
IMS - Geometric Factor and Efficiency Baragiola
* - Not Presented at the Meeting