CAPS Team Meeting #33 Agenda page
Agenda items included in this list are from the CAPS team meeting held in Charlottesville, Virginia at the University of Virginia, hosted by Bob Johnson & Raul Baragiola (along with Todd Smith).

The dates for this meeting were Monday-Wednesday, November 13-15, 2006.

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CAPS Team Meeting Presentations:

Monday, November 13

Welcome, local arrangements, AGENDA Smith/Young
Split for CAPS and INMS Team meetings for remainer of the day.
CAPS Project Status Young
Flight Operations, Ground System, Archival,
  and Actuator Range Test
Science Planning (current and extended mission) and future ops Crary
IBS status (coming soon) Thomsen
ELS Calibration Status Coates
ELS Scale Factors and Cassini ELS Obscuration Gilbert
IMS Status Crary/Thomsen
  1) Geometric Factor
   Detection efficiencies & TOF library
  2) CAPS Data Read J Williams
  3) Monte Carlo model for IMS Fama
  4) Analysis of prototype calibration data at GSFC Shappirio
  5) SAM group tables Sittler
Adjourn (Coctail Party: Colonade Club, Campus)

Tuesday, November 14

Ground Rules:
  1) These are NOT AGU or EUROPLANET "talks". They are meant to be reports on, and discussion of, current research topics.
  2) There are 30 discussion topics, which works to 30 minutes per topic, including discussion. Time limits will be enforced. However, an effort has been made to put similar topics together so momentum isn't lost from talk to talk.
Saturn's Magnetosphere
pdf">Outward transport of plasma from Tethys and Dione Burch
Transport in Saturn's magnetosphere Hill
Evolution of particle pitch angle distributions Rymer
Electron injections and dispersion: age and longitude Paranicas
Interdisciplinary observations of ion conics and ion acceleration Mitchell
Cassini observations of Saturn's dawn-magnetotail region and their relation to models of Saturn's aurora: Preliminary results Sittler
Electron observations from the CAPS-MIMI-MAG instrument suite Schippers
Abundances and energetics of W+ and O2+ after 24 Cassini orbits Reisenfeld
Composition of low-flux ions in the outer magnetosphere (coming soon) Thomsen
A new moments code and sample results (coming soon) Henderson
Rotational modulation of ion fluxes Young
Energetic ions at Titan (TBC) Mitchell
The structure and sources of Titan's ionosphere Cravens
Electron and negative ion observations during Titan encounters Coates
Rotational Modulation (N. Andre author) Coates
Titan ion composition from IBS and INMS (coming soon) Waite
Neutral composition on T16 - T19 Magee
Nitrile ion neutral chemistry Vuitton
The Titan corona Johnson
Adjourn: Joint Team Dinner (Cassis Restaurant, Downtown)

Wednesday, November 15

Titan cont.
Hybrid simulations of the Titan/magnetosphere interaction Ledvina
Results from, and comparisions of, the T11 - T17 encounters Szego
The energetics of Titan's ionosphere Robertson
Pickup ions and ion precipitation at Titan: TA-T5 Hartle
Icy Satellites
Thermal plasma observed by CAPS during the Nov 26, 2005, Rhea Encounter Wilson
Further analysis of CAPS data near the orbit of Enceladus (coming soon) Tokar
Ion Mass Loading at Enceladus and Dione Burger
Interaction of O2 molecules with ice surfaces: Exosphere and surface oxygen balance at Enceladus Baragiola
Radiolytic Oxidant Power for the Enceladus Plumes Cooper
Ammonia and Methane Ions at Enceladus Goldstein
The inner magnetospheric nitrogen torus Smith
The Enceladus plume
   Movie of Laboratory Experiment
Any other business --- Next Meeting