Meeting Agenda Page from Team Meeting #34

The agenda included here is from the CAPS-MIMI joint team meeting held in Chios, Greece hosted by Tom Krimigis. The dates for this meeting were Tuesday, May 29, 2007 - Thursday, May 31, 2007.

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Tuesday, May 29
Welcome, local arrangementsKrimigis
Project StatusYoung
CAPS Operations, Flight Software, Ground System, ArchivalMokashi
Extended MissionCrary
IBS StatusTokar
ELS StatusLewis
Update on IMS Calibration and Group Table IssuesShappirio
Primer on IMS TOF Data AnalysisShappirio
IMS MomentsTokar
Wednesday, May 30
MIDL - Integrated Visualization Tools for MIMI and CAPSVandegriff
Two Component Proton Spectrum at SaturnArmstrong
Future applications using satellite absorption signaturesRoussos
Saturn Radiation Environment and Gas-Driven CryovolcanismCooper
Formation of Saturn's ring spokes by lightning-induced electron beamsKrupp
Suprathermal ion composition in Saturn's magnetosphere and the relative strengths of plasma sourcesHamilton
Analysis of intercalibrated electron observations using the MIMI & Caps InstrumentsSchippers
Saturn's magnetosphere as revealed from energetic particle measurements: CASSINI MIMI/LEMMS results 2004-2007Krupp
Incorporating Ion-Neutral Interactions Into 3D Multi-fluid Simulations For Studying the Evolution and Interaction of Enceladus' PlumePaty
Detection & physical characterization of rings and dust structuresRoussos
Energetic particle pressure reveals the vertical structure of the Saturnian MagnetosphereSergis
Preliminary CAPS Corotation LagTokar
Drifts in the Inner Magnetosphere and the Importance of MI-couplingMitchell
Charged Particle Periodicities in Saturnís MagnetosphereMitchell
Periodicities in Saturnís Magnetosphere or Statistics of injection-Dispersion EventsHill
Thursday, May 31
Inference of Mass-Loading Rate from Observed Corotation LagHill
Tracing Magnetospheric Circulation with Ion Composition at Saturn: UpdateThomsen
Electron circulation in Saturnís magnetosphereRymer
CAPS Observations in Saturnís polar magnetosphereArridge
Plasmoids in Saturn's MagnetotailHill
Energetic electron beams and Ion Conics in the Kronian magnetosphere observed by Cassini MIMI/LEMMSMitchell
Gas Trapping on Icy Satellites and RingsBaragiola
IMS start efficiency: Experiment on electron emission statistics from carbon foilsBaragiola
Saturnís magnetosphere in the vicinity of TitanKrupp
The exosphere of Titan and its interaction with the Kronian Magnetosphere: Titan exosphere model with suprathermalescapeGarnier, Dandouras
INMS and CAPS : Infer Formation of Titan Aerosols at 1000 kmYoung
Ionospheric electrons in Titan's tail: plasma structure during the Cassini T9 encounterCoates
Plumes & Blobs at TitanEviatar
On the Mantle/Tail of TitanSzego
Pickup Ion Phase Space Distributions at Titan: Effects of Atmospheric Spatial GradientsSittler
MIMI Titan Science to date, and T23-T27 upcoming encountersMitchell