Agenda page from Team Meeting #35

Presentations included here were given at the CAPS team meeting held in Houston, Texas hosted by Tom Hill at Rice University. The dates for this meeting were Monday, October 29, 2007 - Tuesday, October 30, 2007.

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Monday, October 29
Welcome and local arrangementsHill
Project StatusYoung
Flight Operations, Software, Ground System, ArchivalFurman
Science planning (current and extended mission)Crary
IBS StatusThomsen
ELS/LEMMS Calibration/StatusCoates
IMS Calibration and Peak FittingShappirio
IMS singles and TOF detection efficienciesReisenfeld
Production of moments and submission to PDS/MapsViewTokar
IMS calibratoin issues raised by BerthelierBerthelier
Using MIDL for IMSRymer
Science discussions
Composition in the magnetosphere. work since MOP.Reisenfeld
Recent Titan EncountersCoates
IBS work on Titan's ionosphere/ideas about heavy/negative ion chemistryCrary
Ion-neutral model for EnceladusPaty
Sputtering of ice by low-energy ionsFama
Tuesday, October 30
Water group ion flow in the inner magnetosphereWilson
Detecting the Enceladus torus via water group pick up ionsTokar
Cassini observations of Saturn's polar magnetosphereCoates
Parameter profiles inferred from ELS & LEMMS composite spectraSchippers
Statistics of injection/dispersion eventsChen
The next steps in transport studiesHill
Interpreting mass source and transport from corotation lagPontius
Plasma and magnetic field periodicitiesBurch/J. Goldstein
Neutral cloud morphology and plasma transportRymer
Ion flows in the magnetotailMcAndrews
Determination of ionization rates in the E ringCowee
Rice Convection Model simulations of plasma transport at SaturnWu