CAPS Team Meeting #19
Hosted by: Rice University
At: Rice Univsersity, Houston, TX October 28-29, 1999
Thursday, October 28
CAPS and Cassini project status   Young
Co-I status reports: ELS Coates
  IBS Barraclough
  IMS Young, Nordholt, Sittler
  Ground data system Thomsen
Note: All other Co-I insituttions are invited to give brief status reports on their activities in addition to the above reports.
Data and publication policy   All
CAPS operations status and plans(This leads in to the discussions on Friday about science planning.) Furman
Sensor calibration and related issues.
Discussions lead by Coates, Barraclough, and Young (splinter for 1 or 2 hours then report back).
AGU papers on Earth swingby results (10 minute discussions lead by authors)
Friday, October 29
All day
Discussions of science planning: C18, C19 periods Young/Furman
  ICO2 Young/Furman
  Jupiter Bolton/Young
  Titan Blanc/Maurice
  Icy satellites Sittler
  MAPS survey Young
Adjourn in the late afternoon.    
Details of meeting room and CAPS team dinner will be announced later by Tom Hill.
Find the Invitation Letter from Tom Hill, as well as general information regarding the trip to Houston.
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