CAPS Team Meeting #21
Hosted by: University of Michigan Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences
In Ann Arbor, Michigan September 21-22, 2000
Meeting Room: Dept. of AOSS, North Campus, 2455 Hayward St., Room 2424
9:00 AM, Thursday, September 21
Project status Young
Co-I status reports Co-I's
Jupiter operation status Furman
Jupiter data analysis plans/coordination All
CAPS ground system overview Young
Report on CAPS ground system meeting held on 9/19-9/20 Gell/Black
Discussion of CAPS ground system plan All
6:00 PM -- Adjorn
7:00 PM CAPS Team dinner at The Earle Restaurant, Ann Arbor
9:00 AM, Friday, September 22
Science Talks (30 min. each):
"Expected Signatures of Plasma Sources at Saturn" Tom Hill
"MHD Modeling of Saturn's Magnetosphere" K.C. Hansen
"Desorption and Decomposition of Ice by Electronic Excitations" Raul Barragiola
Science planning process and discussion Young/Crary/All
Titan, icy satellites, magnetosphere survey
Lunch Calibration status and discussion -- divide into splinters by sensor to assess status and readiness of products needed for Jupiter.

5:00 PM -- Adjorn