CAPS Science Planning Information
I hope the following information will help people. We would like to get the team involved in our science planning as soon as possible, and I want to give everyone something to start with. Eventually, most of this information will be migrated to the ECARS (Electronic CAPS Activity Request
-Frank Crary, 6 NOV 2003
(PDF) CAPS science themes, topics and lead scientists
Add a link to the sort of input we need for command generation
Lists of CAPS requests (planned activities) during tour, giving the name, start time, duration, end time, allocated/requested average data rate and data volume.
  • (TXT) All requests
  • (TXT) All non-survey, science requests in time order.
  • (TXT) Non-survey, science requests sorted by type.
  • (TXT) All CAPS prime pointing requests (Periods controls or designs the pointing profile.)
The Cassini project's request naming convention and a dictionary of CAPS request names.
Tables of mission events
  • (TXT) Rev boundaries
  • (TXT) Apoapsis times
  • (TXT) Periapsis times
  • (TXT) Ring plane crossings
  • (TXT) Targeted encounters Note: that there are some close, non-targeted encounters which are not on this list
  • (TXT) Sequence boundaries
A collection of Plots of Cassini's orbit around Saturn, two plots per orbit (X-Y and rho-Z).
Titan and icy satellite encounter geometry plots.
The Cassini Mission Plan (PDF), version O, a detailed description of the mission, as well as the Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (only 38 pages long...)